Chopped fender

Not a fan of the original, and quite frankly uninspiring, design of the rear fender complete with tombstone taillight and billboard license plate holder. I decided I could do it better.

See for yourself. Not the best ‘after’picture, but you get the idea.





Arduino, Hardware, Track & Field

Track & Field Timer

I built my own Track & Field countdown timer to help when I officiate track meets. It was MUCH cheaper than buying a timer from the major track & field equipment suppliers. Mine also displays time on both sides…theirs do too, but at 5x the price. Mine is battery operated, wall-pluggable(if needed), and uses a remote keyfob for operation. It’s programmed to do exactly what I want and need and nothing more.

T.F. Timer – NeoPixel Edition v1.0

I’m using Adafruit’s NeoPixel LED strips instead of buying pre-made boards…they are bright, cheap, thin, and lightweight. The timer box/housing will look a lot like an A-frame home with a flat roof. I’m using 1/8″, 1/4″ and 1/2″ thick MDF for the build as well as smoked acrylic to cover the digits. It is mostly glued together with wood glue with a few screws hidden away for some extra rigidity. Continue reading